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Seeking Applicants for the Micro Focus Testing Pool

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Friday, October 27, 2017
The Micro Focus digital marketing team is always working to enhance the user experience on our websites, and we need people like you to help us with user tests from time to time.

We do a variety of tests, and all of them can be done remotely from your own computer.  Most people find these tests to be very interesting and enjoyable.  They usually take 10-15 minutes to complete, and they are extremely useful in helping us see how our target users respond to different UI variations. 

How it works

When we are planning to conduct a test, we review the profiles of the people in our testing pool. We email the people who match the personas we need to study, describing the test and inviting them to participate.  If you reply and indicate you are interested in taking that test, we email you instructions and a link to the test.

You simply follow the instructions, click the button to submit your recorded test, and we are notified that you have completed a test. We review the test to ensure that it was completed, and if all is well we send you a $10 Amazon gift card to thank you for participating.

Fill out your profile and sign up for the testing pool now.
If you would like to be part of our testing pool, please fill out the following survey.

Read the complete blog here:  https://community.saas.hpe.com/t5/Software-Solutions/Seeking-applicants-for-the-Micro-Focus-testing-pool/ba-p/1619940#.WfOKIIhrzIV .



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HP Customer's Opinion Needed - Voke Survey on Development & Test Labs

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Monday, May 5, 2014

Voke, Inc.is an independent analyst firm and a champion of virtualization and cloud solutions. Voke is conducting research about enterprise IT organizations and is inviting our HP customers to participate in a survey about development and test labs. This is Voke’s fourth survey about the benefits of using virtualization in the application lifecycle.

Voke wants to hear our HP customer’s opinion about development and test labs including:

  • Are your lab environments available when needed for development and testing?
  • Are your labs physical, virtual, or in the cloud?
  • Have you gained ROI from using a virtual or cloud-based lab tool?

Customers, who complete the survey, receive a free report based on this research.

The survey link is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZPJXXPG

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Call for Contributions: Vivit TQA Webinar Series

Posted By Andreas Birk, Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Dear Vivit Member,

Special Interest Group Vivit TQA ("Testing, Quality, and Application Lifecycle Management") has opened the call for contributions for its new webinar series starting this autumn. First webinars will be held starting September. Usually, there will be one webinar per month.

Vivit TQA welcomes webinar proposals related to the HP Quality Center / ALM, HP Performance Center, and HP QuickTest Professional product families. Relevant topic areas include functional testing, test management, performance testing, test automation, requirements management, agile development, ALM, project monitoring, etc. Experience reports from HP customers will be particularly appreciated.

Presentation submissions shall include title, a brief abstract, a short speaker CV, and contact information of the speaker. Please send your submission by e-mail to info@vivit-tqa.org. The Vivit TQA SIG leaders will be glad to help with further information, if interested speakers have questions prior to their submission.

The call for contributions will be open continuously. For the webinars in autumn/winter 2013, submissions shall be received until July 25, 2013.

The webinars will be delviered via the Vivit channel at the BrightTALK webinar platform (https://www.brighttalk.com/channel/9063). They will also be available for replay from this channel.

We will be glad, if you want to submit a webinar to our new Vivit TQA series.

Best regards,

  The Vivit TQA SIG leaders

  Andreas Birk
  Olli Laiho
  Robert Linton
Christopher J. Scharer
Bernard P. Szymczak Jr
Damian Versaci



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HP Discover Frankfurt 2012 - download the best presentations

Posted By Olli Laiho, Thursday, February 28, 2013
Updated: Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi TQA members,

HP Discover EMEA 2012 was held in Frankfurt, Germany in December 2012.

There are many great presentations available from the event. In order to download the presentations, all you need to do is sign up for HP's event site (no cost), and you can access all the content.

To help you find the best ones, I've decided to make a list of presentations and sort them to a few different categories. This should help you find what's valuable for you.

Presentations with Videos:

Opening Session: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/363

HP Software Track Keynote "How the user is the new centre of IT": http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/52

Panel Discussion: Empowering the mobile workforce: BYOD and beyond: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/99

HP Agile Manager Unveiled: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/227

The Next Generation of Test Automation: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/234

We know how much your applications cost to run. Do You? http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/116

Your Applications are Your Business - right or wrong?: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/90

DevOps: Bridging the Apps and Ops gap: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/83

Application Lifecycle Management and Testing:

HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Quality Centre Enterprise product roadmaps: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/49

HP IT: organising the application lifecycle across the enterprise: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/223

HP IT: HP ALM ROI approach http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/139

Build a collaborative, agile-based development process using HP ALM : http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/236

Procter and Gamble’s Testing Journey – Faster – Cheaper – More Complete: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/265

Application challenges: towards the path of TCOE and ALM: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/270

World Quality Report reveals that two-thirds of companies are inadequately testing mobile apps: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/257

Paperless Validation in the Life Sciences Industry using HP ALM 11: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/281 

Requirements management using Unified Process at KPN in the Netherlands: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/266

Test Automation:

How HP R&D Does it - Test automation and agile development: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/59

Accelerated Testing http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/233


What's new with HP Application Performance Management? http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/239 

What’s new in HP Performance Centre http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/60

HP LoadRunner 11.51: a demonstration of how much fun load testing can be: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/140

Going mobile: Keys to the successful performance of your mobile application: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/84

How Nokia optimizes application performance: testing and monitoring: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/142

Performance testing beyond basics: HP LoadRunner protocols under the covers: http://h30614.www3.hp.com/Discover/MyEvent/SessionDetail/141

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VIVIT TQA - HP ALM 11.5 Resource pack

Posted By Olli Laiho, Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello once again, fellow VIVIT TQA SIG members! 

At HP DISCOVER on June 4, 2012, I gave an advanced training session on HP ALM 11 ("Deep Dive into HP ALM 11", http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/event_details.asp?id=211458). For the participants I have collected a list of useful links, webinar archives and resources that I also want to share with the larger Vivit community. You will find this information in a series of three blog articles.

This post is the second one. It contains info about the value of ALM 11.5 and best practices. The third article will focus on best practice resources from HP on ALM 11.5.  In the first posting I introduced new features of HP ALM 11.5. 

On the value and best practices of the ALM edition:

Follow this link to join Assure's webinar next week to learn more about the value and features of HP ALM 11.5: Upgrading To HP ALM 11.5 - The Why And The How (Thursday, September 13th 2012)

Archived webinars:

http://www.assure.net/WhyUpgradeToHPALM_Jan2012/ (Assure ALMPlus: Why should you upgrade to HP ALM?)

http://www.assure.net/HowShouldYouRunHPALM_Feb2012/ (Assure ALMPlus: How should you run HP ALM?)

If you're already familiar with the value of HP ALM and looking to build a business case for an HP ALM upgrade, I'd be happy to help you. I can send you some proven material and some sample calculations.

Best practices of creating and maintaining HP ALM templates

http://www.assure.net/templates-webinar/ (Best practices for Templates)

 At HP Discover Frankfurt, I will be giving a training called "HP ALM: Designing Superior Templates. Keep following the announcements from VIVIT!

Best Practices on developing customizations with workflow and API:

http://www.assure.net/Ask-The-QC-Guys-2/ (with Paul Derckx from Philips Healthcare)

http://vimeo.com/25195062 (VIVIT webinar on Best Practices)

Data Warehouse Reporting on HP ALM

During the training, I talked about taking reporting to the next level with Data Warehouse reporting. I showed a product called TotalView and the built-in dashboard. Here is a link to the video in case you want take another look at it:

We also covered the topic of Reporting in our webinar called "HP ALM - What should you measure and how?". It is archived here: http://www.assure.net/WhatToMeasureAndHowHPALM_Feb2012/


Here's a great VIVIT webinar on HP ALI - I had personally missed it! Covers everything from value to technical details.



If you have additional questions, or if you're looking for specific information around HP ALM, feel free to contact me at olli.laiho@assure.net

Thanks for being a member of VIVIT!

Olli Laiho


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VIVIT TQA - ALM 11.5 info pack

Posted By Olli Laiho, Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello all VIVIT TQA members, old and new!


I'm Olli Laiho, one of the leaders in VIVIT's TQA Special interest group.

At HP DISCOVER Las Vegas on June 4, 2012, I gave an advanced training session on HP ALM 11 ("Deep Dive into HP ALM 11", http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/event_details.asp?id=211458). For the participants, I have collected a list of useful links and resources that I also want to share with the larger Vivit community. You will find this information in this and in two subsequent blog articles.

This post introduces new features of HP ALM 11.5. The two subsequent articles will present value of ALM 11.5 and best practice (second posting) and best practice resources from HP on AML 11.5 (third posting).

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at  olli.laiho@assure.net.

HP ALM 11.5 Release

HP has released HP ALM 11.5 publicly shortly after HP DISCOVER in June. Here's the press release:

Their main page: http://www.hp.com/go/ALM

My hints and tips on highlights of the new release:

  • Document Generator and Analysis Reports are being deprecated. They are still available in 11.5 (you can't create new reports unless you specifically allow it) but probably will not be in future releases. Consider moving away from them - they are being replaced with the "Standard Reporting" feature.
  • Business Views is a new way to improve reporting and graphs - it allows you to configure additional views on your QC data, by connecting database tables. This feature is very powerful! However, do NOT allow your users to configure and create the business views. Developing business views should be done in the QC admin team, and each view should be tested thoroughly so that it does not cause issues on your server performance. Only allow your users to USE the business views in their reports, not configure them. Remember, that a Data Mart is always a smarter option for more advanced reporting.
  • Excel add-in for Business Views is not included, but will be released later this year. This feature is looking great. It allows you to fetch data from QC to Excel by using the preset business views. This gives many opportunities for you to analyze your current data in a more flexible way, without having to learn SQL and excel postprocessing like in the current excel reporting.
  • HP has changed the application server from JBoss to Jetty. If you have customized your JBoss configuration, you may have to do some changes to Jetty configuration when upgrading. Anyway, Jetty is leaner and more optimized than JBoss, and should result in better performance

HP Sprinter 11.5

HP has released a new version of Sprinter, which includes cool new stuff, like the ability to create regular test cases from your exploratory test session action logs. Learn more at the HP Sprinter web site: https://hpln.hp.com/group/sprinter

HP ALI (Application Lifecycle Intelligence) Demo

HP ALI is a great feature that integrates Developers with ALM. Check out this demo to learn more:

That's all for this article - stay tuned and send your comments and questions!

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