Local User Group: Cote d'Ivoire

Welcome to the Cote d'Ivoire Local User Group

Serving: The Cote d'Ivoire market and the countries of Africa Subsahérien

Mission: Our goal is to increase the networking of our group members in order to increase the knowledge and expertise associated with the wide range of Micro Focus Software products.  Micro Focus Software professionals will receive information on current implementations, new technologies, best practices and industry trends while networking with their peers from other organizations.

We wish to set up a platform, where IT Pro's, Micro Focus Partners, and end users can share their experiences and expertise and discuss the various difficulties they encounter in order to find solutions. We also wish to invite Ivorians to join our Local User Group and provide webinars and content in French to encourage francophones to be a part of the community in the same  momentum and the countries of Africa Subsahérien which until now were not part of the Vivit community.

Contact the user group leader, Soma Ismael BOLA, with any questions or to volunteer to help with local activities etc. We are always interested in sponsors for our upcoming meetings as well. If you would like to sponsor a meeting by providing funds for lunch, a door prize, or a venue in which to hold a meeting, please contact us. Thanks!

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Soma Ismael BOLA

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Soma Ismael BOLA


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