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Welcome to the Local User Group Russia

Serving: Currently covering the entire product line in Russia, with a focus on Moscow

Mission: The main mission of the Local User Group is to keep users informed with up to date information about current and future products provided by Micro Focus. In addition, this should be the place, to share expertise and discuss interesting and valuable solutions within the established community of managers, engineers and customers.

Currently we are seeking for bright thinking experts or just active members, who are willing to share their knowledge, expertise or other valuable thoughts with other community members via online based webinars or live events. If you have an idea of what can be base for a webinar please be free to contact LUG leader for cooperation and organization.

Connect With Your Leader:
Vadim Gordadze

Recently Updated Profiles
Michael Livshitz Mr., Barış Seçen, Paul Lorena, Kuzin A. V, Maxim Grekov

LUG Leader
Gordadze Vadim


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Email: info@vivit-worldwide.org


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