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Integrating HP QC/ALM with other software lifecycle tools 0 J. Wetzel Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) is an emerging discipline within the ALM space. It is often driven by the creation of Testing or QA Centers of Excellence (COE) and provides the automated traceability, collaboration, visibility & reporting needs of Enterprise ALM/SDLC when tools from multiple vendors are used in different functional areas (Requirements Mgmt, PMO, Development, Helpdesk, Agile, etc). The most frequently sought "connections" are 1. QA-Development2. QA-Requirements/Business Analysts - when they are not using HPs Requirements Module3. QA-ITSM/Helpdesk4. QA-CRMHistorically, HP has provided the HP Synchronizer to address these integration needs, but for most organizations the overhead of implementing and maintaining integrations via the HP Synchronizer is too much - not too mention the challenges associated with ensuring correct syncs and overall performance issues. HP ALI DEV now provides some QA-DEV integration capabilityOther options include plugins to one or the other of the end point systems being integrated, but this also creates excessive overhead + performance and scalability limitations.An integration hub or bus providing a central point of administration and control, extensibility to support a variety of integration patterns as well as connectivity to HPQC/ALM for many different vendor tools is the most effective way to provide scalable, high performing integrated ALM/SDLC infrastructures.Primary use cases driving integration:* Defect Unification* Supply Chain/Vendor assignment and Tracking* Requirements-Test-Defect TraceabilityIs your organization matured to the point of considering integration? If so, the following questions are key to identifying the right approach: To what level of criticality has the need for software lifecycle integration evolved in your organization? (NOT CONSIDERED, LOW, MED HIGH)Is the need recognized by both executive/program management and the tools/technical team? If so, is there a gap in the perceived criticality?If ALM/SDLC integration needs are acknowledged, how many projects and personnel need to push/pull data from the connected systems?What use cases/integration patterns are seen as most beneficial/valuable to implement?
by J. Wetzel
Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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