IT Game Changers Survey Results
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We live in an ever-changing world, and the pace of change is showing no signs of slowing. This is more true than ever in the computer software sector. Key trends such as the moves to cloud and mobile computing bring with them opportunities and risks. IT is increasingly seen as an integral part of business rather than a supporting function. As the independent HP Software user group, Vivit needs to support members working in this changing domain and help members to embrace the opportunities brought about by key IT game changers:cloud, mobility, big data, and security.

April 25 – May 18, 2012, Vivit and the HP Discover Performance Community for IT Experts conducted a survey to find out how IT is changing for our members. Over 600 members worldwide completed the survey.

In this video, hear from Jason Kennedy, President, Vivit Board of Directors, and Phil Nguyen, Director of HP Discover Performance Community for IT Experts, about the survey findings.


Here are a few key findings:

  • An overwhelming percentage (87%) of the survey participants agree or strongly agree that the role of IT is no longer just a supporting function within their organization, but more of a strategic business driver. This is a big change that has already gripped our industry and is in line with other findings.
  • Almost ½ (49%) of participants agree with the Gartner statement that, "50% of all CIOs expect to operate the majority of their applications and infrastructures in the cloud by 2015”.
  • 43% of survey participants say that skilled IT resources to implement Cloud applications are scarce or very scarce.
  • 79% of survey participants want to join an education and best practice community related to Cloud, Business Intelligence, Mobility, Governance, Risk & Compliance this year or next.
  • The majority of survey participants have less than ¼ of their business processes in cloud environments now. By 2015 they anticipate that up to ½ of their business processes will be cloud-based. By 2020, approximately ¾ of their business processes will be cloud-based.
  • 59% identify risk (security) as their key concern when migrating to cloud. The next major concerns about cloud environments are responsiveness (speed) and value.
  • Email (59%) and Collaboration (50%) are the applications that are most likely to run on the cloud versus in the data center. Email, collaboration and CMS software are all good examples of applications that have already migrated to the cloud for many organizations. Google Docs, and blogging / content sites are commonly used even in major organizations. Concerns about security and performance mean that ERP, CRM and HR systems are less likely to be cloud based in the near future. In-house business applications are often the last to be migrated to the cloud.

Download the complete survey report here.  

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